Learn how you can be a part of moving Williamsburg forward by biking and walking.


May Is Bike Month and Pedal the Parkway

BikeWalk Williamsburg soon will begin planning the 20th Annual Pedal the Parkway (PtP) event Saturday May 6, 2017 as well as daily activities for May is Bike Month (MIBM) 2017. Special events are being planned to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pedal the Parkway held in cooperation with the Colonial National Historical Park. We will be reaching out to area businesses for sponsorship and other support. This annual event attracted over 1,200 participants in 2016. Why not have 2,000 for the 20th in 2017?

The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists organized and managed PtP and MIBM for many years. This responsibility will be transferred to BikeWalk Williamsburg in September. We extend our grateful appreciation to WAB for its stewardship of this eagerly awaited annual free event. The dedication of the club and its members as volunteers has made Pedal the Parkway one of the premier bicycling events in the Virginia!

 For information n the 2016 May is Bike Month and Pedal the Parkway, please go to

Bicycle Safety Education

BWW is meeting with City of Williamsburg and James City County officials to craft plans to educate the general public –  both bicyclists and motorists – on how we can make our streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. We are hopeful that a sustained, systematic effort will make a difference in the short-term and in the long-term. 


In conjunction with James City County Parks and Recreation, BWW is offering a Smart Cycling course November 4-5. Smart Cycling is a program of the League of American Bicyclists, and this fast-paced bicycling class that will give you the confidence to ride safely and legally in traffic or on the trail. You will learn how to fit your bike to your body, conduct bicycle safety checks, change gears shifting smoothly, and ride safely on area bike lanes and in traffic. Principles of traffic law, clothing and accessories, and group riding etiquette will also be covered.  On-bike instruction will include crash prevention and hazard avoidance techniques. Instruction will be both in the classroom and outside on a practice course and in actual traffic on local roads. This class is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cyclists who want to “bike smarter.”  Children must be above age fourteen. Please see Events to register.


Bike Rodeo Campus

Many communities offer “Bicycle Rodeos” where young riders can learn the basic of safe riding and bike handling skills. The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists, the Williamsburg Police Department, and James City County Police have all held bike rodeos in the past. A Bike Skills Campus created by dedicating a section of a parking lot and appropriately marking the skill stations required for a rodeo would allow both organized rodeos and allow parents to teach their children life-long skills outside organized rodeos.


Help a Child Ride Safely by Becoming a "Bike Smart" Instructor


The Williamsburg James City County Schools have after-school Bike Clubs at two elementary schools –James River and Norge.  They would like to establish more clubs in the spring and eventually have a club at each elementary school. BikeWalk Williamsburg is providing instruction through the League of American Bicyclists Bike Smart program. Currently we have six instructors -  we need more. Training is provided by BikeWalk Williamsburg and requires nine hours of instruction. The students’ excitement, smiles, and sense of accomplishment continually motivates us all to expand this valuable program. Won’t you help? Learn more by contacting Allen Turnbull at 

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age is a global movement started in Denmark in 2012 to bring the joys of cycling to the elderly and disabled who no longer have the mobility to cycle on their own. Bike Walk Williamsburg is proud to partner with the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists to bring the program to Williamsburg.  Through the use of a specially designed rickshaw (called a "trishaw"), trained pilots will provide free rides on safe routes in the area.  You can read more about this program on the Cycling Without Age - Williamsburg Facebook page.

Your Initiative Here

Let us know what Initiative you think is important for our community. Send us an email with your suggestion! Here are some ideas we are calling 


Wouldn’t it be Wonderful if…


  • The crosswalk at Rt 199/Jamestown Road were painted in bold ladder stripes like the other crosswalks in the City of Williamsburg
  • There was a safe bicyclist and pedestrian crossing over railroad tracks between Route 60/York Street/Pocahontas Trail and Route 143. The only two existing crossings are at York Street and then at Lee Hall in Newport News – a distance of 9.5 miles!
  • There was a pedestrian signal at the intersection of Francis Street and South Henry Street in the City of Williamsburg. 
  • The Old Country Road from South England Street to the James City County office complex was open to bicyclists, walkers, and runners. This would allow Kingsmill residents to safely bike into downtown Williamsburg. It could also connect to the Quarterpath Road multi-use path once completed by the City.
  • There were signs directing bicyclists through the City of Williamsburg to avoid biking through the tunnel (bicyclists and pedestrian are prohibited) on the Colonial Parkway  
  • There was a “bike share” system in Williamsburg incorporating the College of William and Mary.