Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age - Williamsburg, Va is a joint project of the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists and BikeWalk Williamsburg.  The Cycling Without Age movement began in Coppenhagen, Denmark in 2012.  The founder, Ole Kassow, struck up a conversation with an elderly man he often saw on his daily bike commute to work. It occurred to Ole that this man in his late stages of life surely must have also enjoyed biking during his early years. After all, they were in Copenhagen. 

Ole wanted to bring this sensation back to his new friend and to others who were no longer able to experience something as simple and wonderful as feeling the wind in their hair, and thus, Cycling Without Age was born. Several years later, electric trishaw bikes and its "pilots" are helping the senior members of society remain active in their communities all while forming deep bonds and inter-generational friendships.  The movement has now expanded to over 1000 chapters in 37 countries.

Visit the project Facebook Page here or our Website here to learn how you can help us realize our goal of bringing this wonderful program to Williamsburg!

Watch this video to get a more background on the global Cycling Without Age movement.