More Places to Bike and Walk!

Opening Williamsburg area roadways to pedestrians and bicyclists, is at the core of the Bike Walk Williamsburg (BWW) mission. So, when road improvements are being discussed BWW is involved. Sometimes, we even start the conversation. 

As a result of that dialog, Williamsburg has recently completed the addition of bike lanes to a stretch of Second Street between the city limit near McDonald’s in the 300 block of Second Street and Page Street. This was part of a larger $1.8 million project which involved the installation of underground wiring and repaving, complimented by the reconfiguration of the lines to accommodate bicycle lanes. It has transformed this section into a three-lane roadway.

Additional improvements are planned in 2019 in James City County which include The Pocahontas Trail Corridor and the addition of a multi-use path between Route 199 and Olde Towne Road. BWW will be there. More to come.